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Ecological News

News referring to sustainable projects, especially the sourcing of organic fibers. 

Organic doesn´t ask either/or, it answers both beauty and ethics
The title is a quote of John Patrick and stands eponymous for his brand Organic by John Patrick. Established in 2004, Patrick priorizes organic materials, fair labor practices, and ecological awareness. Organic’s supply chain is a prototype that refines and renders those relationships. Early in his career, John Patrick traveled to Peru to learn about the production of cotton and hand-spun alpaca wool. He has revitalized traditional techniques such as hand-weaving and whole-animal leather prod..
Study NY: Brooklyn goes sustainable
  Study New York is a Brooklyn based ethical contemporary womenswear brand that uses only sustainable materials. Started by high spirited individual, Tara St James, Study New York doesn't focus on the traditional "seasonal" collections, but defines her clothes depending on what technique process it took to get there, using only the best handpicked materials that are all organically sourced. Read about her mission in our interview with the Study New York founder, discussing her s..
The Ecochic Design Award is back!
The EcoChic Design Award organized by Redress is a sustainable fashion design competition. The purpose is to inspire emerging fashion designers and students from Europe and Asia to create mainstream clothing with minimal textile waste. The competition takes designers on an education and design journey lasting several theory and design-packed months.   The designers are first educated about the negative environmental impacts caused by the fashion industry, and ..
Revival of the Ancient Textile Tradition
Ramie is a textile material that has been used as far back as Egyptian mummies. However with less than 100 craftsmen who make ramie cloth in China, the traditional textile technique is a dying art. Summerwood is a sustainable textile production company that was founded in July 2013, and dedicated to the production of ramie (also known as summer fabric). Hongbo (the founder of Summerwood) and many independent Fashion Designers are together reviving the production of th..
Shanghai Eco-Design Fair
Right after the Shanghai Fashion Week is fading out is the Eco-design fair taking ove the stage! A meaningful and interesting event for the weekend of April 19-20. This years theme is ‘Explore, Create and Grow’, all visitors will be able to learn about green healthy living, and earth-friendly alternatives in fashion, food, energy, transportation, wellness, home, gardening, finance and more. The first edition Eco-design fair was in 2008 at the Cool Docks , at the river bed of..
NEEMIC in United Nations book
We are proud to present our first book entry in David South’s 5th Issue of the Southern Innovator Magazine. The general focus of this paper is to show the rise of the south as a strong economic power, this year’s issue is focussing on the dilemma of strong population growth and limited resources with the focus on waste and recycling issues for example the elephant dung paper production in Thailand, the banning of plastic bags in Uganda or the creation of green fashion in China. David ..
Summer update
Summer update - 14/07/2013
There´s been a silent period online, as we´ve devoted our attention to numerous individual projects over the last couple of months.    One of the more involved projects is the campaign "OUR AIR" from the platform Interactive Beijing, which brings programmers, artists, designers and other creative talent together for solutions of Beijings air pollution problems. You can check out the ideas generated at the latest HACK FOR AIR Hackathon.      Fa..
Shanghai Eco Design Fair with NEEMIC on eco-catwalk
  Eco Design Fair Spring 2013 will take place on April 13-14, 2013 in Shanghai at the Cool Docks. An anticipated audience of over 10,000 people are joining the fair out of interest in green healthy living.   "Reduce Waste" is this year’s theme … designers, speakers and entrepreneurs are set to help Shanghai families learn how to conserve natural resources and reduce the amount of waste we throw away and and seeking earth-friendly alternatives in fashion, food, energy, t..
Canned Air for Sale - 29/01/2013
North China is once again choking in toxic smog. Chinese entrepreneur Chen Guangbiao, whose wealth is valued at $740 million according to the Hurun Report, sells his cans of air for five yuan each. It comes with atmospheric flavours including pristine Tibet, post-industrial Taiwan and revolutionary Yan'an. Mr Chen said he wanted to make a point that China's air was turning so bad that the idea of bottled fresh air is no longer fanciful. "If we don't start caring for the environment t..
Li Lianfeng's textile mill in Guangzhou produces more than 7,000 meters of denim, but only 5 percent of his mill's output uses natural indigo dye rather than synthetics. The underlying reason is cost. Fashion industry is moving at a snail's pace into sustainability but faces challenges of costly conversion. Like Li Lianfeng, Levi's, Gucci and H&M are profit driven. But clearly, steps forward have been taken. (Source: Fashion companies go sustainable by Tiffany Tan) Posted..